1,1 Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP)

This workshop will focus on how philosophers can contribute to the project of eradicating global poverty. It will consist of three parts: (i) a conversation with Henry Shue on how philosophers can be effective and what they should avoid when trying to intervene in the public sphere, (ii) a short presentation of ASAP, a growing network of academics collaborating in order to increase their collective impact on global poverty, and (iii) a focused discussion on one of ASAP's main projects, the "Global Poverty Report," an attempt to capture and articulate a broad academic consensus on global poverty and development. We will discuss how philosophers can contribute to this project both in terms of methodology and in terms of content. We will also address what kind of other efforts might complement the work of ASAP.

Workshop Leaders
Henry Shue, Oxford University
Justine Kolata, Matthew Lindauer, and Gilad Tanay, Yale

Eva Weber-Guskar, New York University
Roderic Owen, Mary Baldwin College
David Morrow, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Steven Daskal, Northern Illinois University
Ken Stikkers
Jacquelyn Kegley
Tim Connolly
Judith Green
J. Brendan Ritchie
Elizabeth Minnich
Michael D. Doan
Md. Abdul Mannan
Patrick Hayakawa
Takunda Matose
Sarah Clark Miller, Penn State University
Ericka Tucker, Cal Poly Pomona
Beatrice Godard, University of Montreal
Michael Taber, St. Mary's College of Maryland
Steve Pak