2.1 Agriculture and Animal Welfare

The goal of this workshop is to foster collaborations between interested citizens and people working in animal agriculture, government, advocacy NGOs, think tanks, and academia. The workshop will focus on the following issues: 1) Framing Animal Welfare – Why do different groups of people assess farm animal welfare differently, and how do these different frames claim privileged status? Emphasis will be placed on bias and polarizing narratives, the science-policy interface, and the role of interdisciplinarity in applied animal welfare studies. 2) Food Politics and Food Choices – How is animal welfare balanced against other 'process distinctions' in our food choices? How are animal welfare claims translated into first, second, and third-party standards? And how do we connect the local and the global, especially in an age when the international political economy of food and animals is so fraught with tension. (An important aside: the divide between 'animal rights' and 'animal welfare' is complex and contested, but this forum will be predominantly welfarist in scope.)

Workshop Leader
Ike Sharpless, UMass Lowell, wiki at ikesharpless.pbworks.com and blog at ikesharpless.com

Laurie Thorp
Lissy Goralnik
Jacquelyn Kegley
Jessica J. Harper
Andrew Fenton, Department of Philosophy, California State University-Fresno
Justine Kolata