Climate Change - Science, Policy, Activism

2.3 Climate Change: Science, Policy, Activism

This workshop will focus on various ways philosophers have been and can continue to contribute to climate science, policy, and activism. While there has been an explosion in good academic work by philosophers on climate change in recent years the avenues for us to actively participate in climate policy and activism have been slower to develop. This workshop is designed to foster discussion amongst philosophers who are currently engaged in or interested in becoming involved in climate change work or related work in environmental issues beyond the academy. Goals of the workshop include sharing models for interdisciplinary research and practice in this field, as well as determining how to enrich collaborations between philosophers and the publics engaged with climate change issues. Included in the workshop will be opportunities to engage with members of the US government working on climate adaptation and mitigation.

Workshop Leader
Andrew Light, George Mason University and Center for American Progress

Cheryl Hall
Steven Daskal
Kathleen Wallace
Kyle Powys Whyte
Donald Hood
Nola Semczyszyn
Karen Langbehn
J. Brendan Ritchie
Tama Weisman
Stephen Michael Campbell
Michael D. Doan
Md. Abdul Mannan
Christopher Eliot
Ericka Tucker, Cal Poly Pomona
Matt Ferkany, Teacher Education, Michigan State University
Benjamin Hale, Philosophy and Environmental Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder
Caroline Appleton
Steve Pak