1.2 Feminist Bioethics

Feminist bioethics is transforming bioethics in both its problems and its methods. While bioethics tends to focus narrowly on issues raised by science and technology, feminist bioethics addresses the broader horizon of health and justice in a global context. Feminist bioethics also offers new models of collaboration for ethics and philosophy, as well as new strategies for integrating philosophy, policy, and practice. The panelists will present two collaborative projects as points of departure for discussion and will explore with participants the entrepreneurial aspects of public philosophy, including fund-raising. Participants will be invited to present their own projects and to investigate new conceptual and practical strategies with panelists and other participants.

Workshop Leaders
Lisa Eckenwiler, George Mason University
Ellen Feder, American University
Kim Leighton, American University

Lisa Cassidy
Kelsey Borrowman
Stephen Michael Campbell
Adam Briggle
Amy McKiernan, American University
Andrew Fenton, Department of Philosophy, California State University-Fresno
Casey Nitsch