1.3 Foundations and the Common Good

Foundations ostensibly work towards the common good, but what does that mean? In the first part of this practitioner-facilitated workshop, we'll the workings of private foundations, which tend to focus on niche interests and narrow program areas rather than the common good. In the second part of the workshop, we will discuss how foundations might contribute to the common good, and the challenges that they face. This last point will open up discussion about the common good, justice, and the role of philanthropy in a democracy. The goal of this workshop is to foster a discussion among philosophers about the ways that they might help shape the agenda of private foundations. How might philosophers develop projects of interest to private foundation officers? Why might foundations be interested in philosophers' work?

Workshop Leader
Mark Rosenman, Caring to Change

Alan Grose
Chris Ng
Rebecca Bachman
Carla Fehr
Benjamin Wasserman
Sharon Meagher, University of Scranton