1.4 Philosophers Working in Collaborative Research Teams


Philosophers are classically thought of as solitary individuals who pontificate on big questions. Yet arguably the discipline of philosophy can make some of its most important contributions in conjunction with empirical work from scientific disciplines. In this workshop we will focus on three questions: 1) How can philosophy contribute to interdisciplinary inquiry and problem solving research on issues of practical significance? 2) How does one develop and maintain successful collaborations? 3) How can obstacles to and pitfalls of participating in collaborative research be addressed?

Workshop Leader
Paul Thompson, Michigan State University

Laurie Thorp, Michigan State University;
M. Lissy Goralnik, Michigan State University
Katherine Clancy, Food and Nutrition Systems Consultant (formerly Union of Concerned Scientists)
Kyle Powys Whyte

Kathryn Plaisance
Cheryl Hall
Laurie Thorp
Robert Kirkman, Georgia Institute of Technology
Elizabeth Victor, Georgetown University and University of South Florida
David W. Woods
José A. Muñiz
Angela White
Karen Langbehn
Nola Semczyszyn
Michael J. Zenz
Christopher Eliot
Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
James Britt Holbrook
Kathleen A. Wallace
Joshua A. Miller, Morgan State University
Beatrice Godard, University of Montreal
Stephen Crowley

Caroline Appleton