2.7 Philosophy in/and the City: Pedagogies, Research Projects and Community-Based Work

In this three hour workshop, we will focus on two questions: 1) how and why philosophy might matter to the city, and 2) how the practice of philosophy is (or might be) transformed by philosophers’ urban engagements. The workshop will be divided into three parts. In the first hour, we will focus on pedagogies, sharing teaching methods for bringing philosophy to the streets. In the second hour, we will focus on research projects that address urban problems and prospects, sharing ideas for collaborative research projects and the possibilities of doing so with urban-based community groups. In the third hour, we will discuss other community-based projects that might benefit from collaborations with philosophers and assist philosophers in thinking about the city.

Workshop Leader
Sharon M. Meagher, University of Scranton, editor of Philosophy and the City

Loren King, Wilfred Laurier University
Chris Keegan, SUNY Oneonta
Dwight Murph
Robert Kirkman
David W. Woods
Judith M. Green
José A. Muñiz
Michael J. Zenz
Daniel Susser
Charlie Kurth
Patrick Hayakawa
Eunjung Katherine Kim
Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Shifra Diamond
Michelle Gallagher
Justin Marshall, M.A., George Mason University
Anika Mann, Morgan State University
Joanna Crosby, Morgan State University
Frank McMillan, VOICE