2.8 Philosophy through Public Dialogue

This workshop will provide practical advice about producing events in which philosophers engage in public dialogues or debates with one another or with non-philosophers. Sample topics for such dialogues include: food ethics; gender and global justice; climate ethics; evolution, intelligent design, and philosophy of science; philosophy of law; gay marriage; the proper role of religion in public life; philosophy and the examined life; moral self-cultivation; etc. This workshop will cover: identifying topics for events; identifying participants; finding space to host the event (inside or outside a university); funding; attracting an audience; structuring the dialogue itself; and the potential goals and benefits of the event. Workshop participants who have been involved with such an event will be encouraged to share their own experiences. All participants will receive materials to help them organize events of their own.

Workshop Leader
David Morrow, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Marije Altorf
Christian Dimitriu
Ken Stikkers
William J. Hawk
Chris Ng
David E. McClean
Shmuel Nili
Caroline Hart Appleton
David E. Schrader
Benjamin Wasserman
Elizabeth Minnich
Daniel Susser
Karin Fry
Daniel Groll, Carleton College
Matt Hunter, Carleton College
Angela White
Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves, Morgan State University
Michael Taber