Public Philosophy in Other Genres

1.6 Public Philosophy in Other Genres

This workshop will explore the prospects for doing public philosophy through fiction and poetry and other literature that could rightfully be called philosophical, inasmuch as such works raise and explore a variety of philosophical issues, questions and problems. Such literature represents a way of reaching out to an intelligent and curious public that is not necessarily trained in philosophy but, nonetheless, enjoys the encounter with and discussion of ideas as presented in literature and creative writing. Such engagements might take place in short courses, workshops, even one-day events at local libraries, senior citizen centers, churches and synagogues, prisons, community centers, non-credit continuing education programs, even perhaps on board cruise ships as part of their educational and cultural offerings. In our workshop, Richard Hart will lead a case study of one short story and then discuss both the philosophical content of the story and a variety of ways in which it could be used in various public venues to advance philosophical discussion. Travis Holloway will then take the workshop through a discussion of the uses of poetry, picking up on the renewed growth of small poetry collectives, public reading series, community writing workshops, and independent presses and considering how these movements are creating public and interestingly democratic forums for expression in everyday bars and cafes.

Workshop Leaders
Richard Hart, Bloomfield College
Travis Holloway, Stony Brook and NYU

Marije Altorf
Phil Seng
David Hildebrand
Todd Edwin Jones
Linda Williams
Cori Wong
Shifra Diamond
Anika Mann, Morgan State University
Benjamin Arah
Eric Thomas Weber
Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves, Morgan State University
Caroline Appleton (I am currently wait listed for 1.4)