WELCOME to the wiki for the Advancing Public Philosophy Conferenceworkshops. Here you can see the list of the workshops and sign up to participate in those that are still open. We've also included a link to other panels and session. To sign up for a workshop, you will need to register for the conference, then sign up for a wikispace account (which is free) and make sure to confirm your email address so you get notifications, then request membership in this wiki. If it is hard to recognize who you are by your wiki handle, please send nmcafee at emory dot edu a note identifying who you are. Afer you've been added as a member you may add yourself to the wiki for the workshop you'd like to join. Cllick on the link and then look for instructions near the bottom of the page.

Here's how to sign up for workshops:

(1) sign in with your wikispace username and password;
(2) on the workshop page click the EDIT button;
(3) at the bottom of the page type in your name and, if you wish, your title and affiliation;
(4) click SAVE to save your changes. If anything goes wrong, go to the history tab and revert to the previous version. To get help, send us an e-mail at publicpn@gmail.com.
(5) Additionally, if you are in any way involved in a workshop, panel, plenary, or paper session you can include more information about yourself by adding your affiliation and a link to your own webpage. To add a link to your webpage, highlight your name and then go to the link button. Choose external link, then put in your URL. Then click "add link." Then be sure to save your changes. See how I did it at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to seeing you in DC October 6-8, 2011. All the workshops take place October 7.

Noƫlle McAfee, Co-Chair, nmcafee at emory dot edu

Session 1. Workshops 9-12

Session 2. Workshop 2-5

Final Day Papers & Panels -- all registrants are welcome to attend. No need to sign up. We've included this so you know what is going on during the final day of the conference.